Personal Discipline [Pt108]

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Course Description:  This course is designed to be a practical and personal journey in developing the kind of spiritual and life disciplines that carry a person to a productive and fulfilling life. 

Course Objectives: 

  • To define the major life disciplines while highlighting their benefits and challenges. 
  • To inspire the student to a life of growth and change, learning how to turn their weakness
    into strengths.
  • To present practical strategies and methods that can be utilized in developing life disciplines.

Course Outline:

  • Getting Started: Lectures 1-4
  • Devotional Disciplines: Lectures 5-6
  • Heart Disciplines: Lecture 7-8
  • Time Management: Lectures 9-11
  • Discipline of Integrity: Lectures 12-14
  • Discipline of Personal Finance: Lecture 15
  • Academic Disciplines: Lectures 16-17
  • Discipline of Purity: Lectures 18-20
  • Verbal Discipline: Lecture 21
  • Discipline of Health: Lectures 22-23
  • Discipline of Servant-hood: Lecture 24
  • Discipline of Submission: Lecture 25
  • Decision Making: Lectures 26-26


Instructor: Ken Malmin 

Ken serves as the Dean of PBC as well as fulfilling the role of a full-time professor.

Ken came to Portland Bible College from Oral Roberts University in 1971. After graduating from PBC in 1973 he began teaching that same year and has been a vital part of the college ever since. He became the Dean in 1986. He often refers to his long tenure with "I'm addicted to college students."

Ken is from a family of ministers, his father and grandfathers also being in the ministry. He also serves as an executive pastor and elder at City Bible Church and is on the Apostolic Leadership Team of Ministers' Fellowship International (MFI).

Ken has co-authored five textbooks, which are used in the classroom at PBC and around the world. He is known for his ability to illuminate scripture and doctrine with precision while at the same time making it personally applicable.

Ken & his wife Glenda are like dad & mom to the PBC campus enjoying the opportunity to be personally involved in the lives of many of the students. They also have 2 adult children that are both married and are also blessed with 5 grandchildren. Their son is church planting in Baltimore & their daughter is a missionary in Cambodia.


Portland Bible College is an educational ministry of City Bible Church committed to the formation of Servant-Leaders for local churches and societies throughout the world. PBC has a reputation for not only training your mind, but also speaking to your spirit. Now these courses, which have helped thousands of pastors, church staff, marketplace leaders and committed believers achieve greater success in their churches, ministries and personal lives; is available to people anywhere in the world. This course can be offered for college credit by visiting

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Course Introduction: Personal Discipline [Pt108]
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Student Notes: Personal Discipline [Pt108]
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L01 - Introduction [Pt108] - Audit
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L02 - Getting Started [Pt108] - Audit
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L03 - Benefits of Discipline [Pt108]
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L04 - Turn Weakness to Strength [Pt108] - Audit
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L05 - Devotional Disciplines [Pt108 - Audit
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L06 - Devotional Disciplines [Pt108] - Audit
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L07 - Heart Disciplines [Pt108] - Audit
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L08 - Heart Disciplines [Pt108 - Audit
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L09 Time Management [Pt108 - Audit
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L10 Time Management [Pt108 - Audit
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L11 - Time Management [Pt108 - Audit
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L12 - Integrity [Pt108 - Audit
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L13 - Integrity [Pt108 - Audit
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L14 - Integrity [Pt108 - Audit
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L15 - Discipline of Personal Finance [Pt108 - Audit
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Student Notes: Personal Discipline [Pt108]
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L16 - Academic Exellence [Pt108] - Audit
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L17 - Academic Discipline [Pt108] - Audit
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L18 - Spiritual Disciplines - Purity [Pt108] -Audit
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L19 - Spiritual Discipline - Purity [Pt108] - Audit
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L20 - Discipline of Purity [Pt108] - Audit
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L21 - Verbal Discipline [Pt108] - Audit
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L22 - Discipline of Health [Pt108] - Audit
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L23 - Discipline of Health [Pt108] - Audit
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L24 - Discipline of Servanthood [Pt108] - Audit
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L25 - Discipline of Submission [Pt108] - Audit
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L26 - Decision Making [Pt108] - Audit
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L27 -Decision Making [Pt108] - Audit
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L28 - Decision Making [Pt108] - Audit
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Course Completion - Individual License
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Added 3 months ago, by Brad
Such a great course! I'm excited to see where God will take me as I implement these truths of personal discipline in my life!
Added 11 months ago, by Corinna

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